Steph & Sam | Melbourne Wedding Photographer

This time last year I shot a wedding in Melbourne which absolutely blew my mind. Albeit a tiny wedding, it was one that touched me. It is only by strange coincidence that I found myself back in this vibrant city almost a year later to photograph another wedding which did exactly the same thing.

Blew my mind… Yet for completely different reasons.

I think it is easy to attribute it to the fact that I find shooting stylish sophisticated couples in urban landscapes extremely stimulating.. but of course there is always so much more to it. So much beyond the grasp of the written word. That indecipherable feeling that renders the mind futile.

This feeling that escapes explanation, is the spell that enchants all lovers. The music, that like a radio frequency, can only be heard by two hearts tuned in to the same station. And if I am really lucky, I can pick up on that frequency, and I am then swept into the unusual sway, the unique rhythm of the couple before me.

Steph & Sam gave me privileged access into their private dance, and this is what it looked like.

Little Dragon – “Ritual Union”

Luke Going Photography
Luke Going Photography
Luke Going Photography
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Nikki & Thomas | Cockatoo Island Engagement Session

Take one trendy couple, smitten, newly engaged. One ferry ride on a boat called ‘Friendship’ to an island of cockatoos* that was once inhabited by convicts, and you get one hell of a day.

This is engagement shooting at its best.

*no cockatoo’s were present for the making of this shoot. Only seagulls. Millions of them.

Cotton Jones – ‘Don’t Got a Lotta Time

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Jess & Sam | Maleny Manor

It’s been too long since I have blogged, so I thought I would break that drought with my most recent wedding. The wedding of the ever exuberant Jess and Sam.

Having won a competition to have their wedding at the exclusive Maleny Manor, was a a pretty good start to Jess and Sam’s marriage. A good omen some might say? I don’t think it could have gone to a more deserving couple though. The energy that radiates from these two is electrifying.

Jess being the calmer of the two, Sam’s unbridled excitement on his wedding day was palpable. I wish I had videoed the ceremony alone just to illustrate Sam literally jumping out of his tailored suit with exhilaration. This was such a beautiful sight to see, as a photographer, but also as the romantic fella that I am. Sam is infatuated with Jess, and Jess with Sam. But to see a man display his affection so ardently, is a rare and beautiful thing. It is something that I feel myself, the longing to revere and glorify the magnificence of the woman I love. It is hard to describe what I mean by this, but I think ALL woman should have their innate beauty revealed to them by the man (or woman) that love them so. To be worshipped for the feminine grace (and wisdom) that all woman bestow.

But anyway, enough poetry, I’ll let Sam show you how it’s done.

{also a big shout out to Keith Hamlyn for doing an awesome job as my wing man}

M. Ward – “The Colour of Water”

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Marianne & John | Melbourne

As you might have seen recently, a photo of mine has graced the front cover of the Australian bridal magazine White. This is quite a big deal for me. A milestone reached in a relatively short career. I had submitted photos for their cover before, but considering it is a very particular image that has to be the face of the magazine, I never made the cut. Until that is, Marianne and John serendipitously came into my life.

When Marianne first contacted me, she mentioned that I was the only photographer she had looked at. This flattering remark is what I dream of hearing from all my clients. Love at first sight and all that. But when she began to describe the details of her intimate Melbourne wedding I knew I had to shoot this wedding. What ever it took.

The thing that makes Marianne and John stand out from the crowd, is their unique sense of style. John’s suave European cut and Marianne’s old Hollywood glamour, make them the photographer’s dream couple. In fact, many people have asked me whether these two are models doing a ‘styled’ shoot. It is hard to convince people otherwise. Marianne is extremely comfortable in front of the camera, and for good reason. Her hubby has the lucky job of taking snaps of her for her blog Esme and the Laneway, a vintage inspired meditation on the things Marianne loves most, Fashion (vintage), beauty, make-up, books and good living. If you like what you see here make sure you check her out HERE.

White Magazine snapped these photos up as soon as they saw them, and made us promise that we would keep them secret until the magazine was released. Well, no more hiding this beautiful wedding. It is all yours to devour!

Metronomy – ‘The Look

Luke Going Photography
Luke Going Photography
Luke Going Photography
Feather Finish

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Vale Natalie

I first met Natalie and Tim late last year for an engagement shoot in Coolum. It was the perfect day for shooting and they were the perfect couple to shoot – young and in love. The session was going well, they were pretty adorable and didn’t put up a fight. An hour into it, Natalie disclosed her truly shocking story of having fought an aggressive form of adrenal cancer for the past two years. I was speechless. My ignorance was exposed of how little I knew of this mystifying disease. All I kept thinking was ‘how can a 22 year old woman in the prime of her life develop such a serious form of cancer’?
That question remained unanswered, but what was blatantly obvious was how comfortable and undisturbed Natalie was, talking about her battle with the life threatening disease. At the time it was in remission. But she still had to live with the fact that it could return. Natalie was not going to let this get in the way of her living the life that a young passionate woman should.

Come January and I get to meet them both again. This time it was the day of their wedding. A marquee wedding in the front yard of Natalie’s parents’ house in Toowoomba. Once again, it was completely effortless photographing Natalie and Tim together. I’ve never seen such a gentle and adoring affection between two souls. The way Tim would look at Natalie was very endearing, but at the same time somewhat revealing. I could sense a deeper longing in his eyes. The look that wants to hold on forever. A quiet synergy that spoke of something unspeakable, yet was not given any attention on this day of happiness and celebration.

I am not sure how long it was after their wedding, maybe a few weeks, that I received the news from Natalie’s parents that her health was declining, fast. I put everything aside to make sure that their photos were ready and sent them express. Then there was the album, which had to be ordered from the US. Time was not on their side, yet I was told that Natalie was a fighter and she would hold on until she was able to receive the album. Everything arrived on time and I was happy about that. I can only imagine what those albums, those photos, would now mean to Tim and Natalie’s family. I can only imagine, because I have never experienced losing someone so close. I feel for Tim, as a husband, losing his wife and soul mate. And I feel for Natalie’s parents, as a parent myself, losing a child. This is unthinkable, and I choose to do just that whenever I ponder down that path.

At the conclusion of this post, I wish to convey my deepest respect to a woman who lost her fight to the biggest killer of all. I only knew her for a brief moment of her life. But it was a moment in one’s life that we would all want to be remembered by. The day of our wedding and a casual stroll on the beach with the man of her dreams. I saw her with all her strength and all her beauty. But what I remember her most of all by, was her kindness and wisdom. An erudition that can only come from enduring something that no one else has. An experience that gave her more wisdom in her 22 years than most people ever gain in 80.

Vale Natalie. I feel honoured to have been the one to paint the vision of you and your soul onto film. May that now live on forever.

Luke Going Photography

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