Nik & James. New York.

Have you ever had a dream come true? I hope you have, because it is a sensational experience.

Nik and James’ dream to get married in Central Park, NYC, was a dream that could have easily been put away in the “too hard, too expensive” basket. But some dreams don’t give up, and they become a part of your every waking moment. This was how Nik and James found themselves in one of the greatest cities in the world, exchanging rings and vows and creating memories that would be almost impossible to surpass.

New York City has been in my dreams for as long as I can remember too. I don’t know where it all began for me? But I presume it came from the myriad of literary, musical and cinematic experiences I have had, where the city transcends its insentience and becomes something of a living muse (like in the song I have included below). It has been home to some of my all time favourite photographers, whose reportage of daily life generated iconic images that burned their way from my mind, through the imagination and down into my heart. Every time I turned my head in this city, I would see these images, or a fragment of that which was.

It is easy to fall in love with New York City. And like all love affairs, the love remains indescribable. So, I can’t really explain why or how this city has had the impact it has had on me. Nor do I wan’t to try. It is an enigma that eludes any attempt at classification. And THAT is why it such a tantalising subject for any artistic soul who is beckoned to its bowels.

Rosie and I spent a week there, but we could have spent a year. Nevertheless, my love for this city has swelled beyond all expectation. And I’ll be forever grateful to Nik and James for allowing that to happen.

Moondog – “New Amsterdam”

Luke Going Photography
Luke Going Photography

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Lecinda - Oh. Wow. What a visual feast. I’m covered in goosebumps. What a lovely wedding day, and so beautifully captured by you <3

Brendan - Captured so well. That’s how you shoot a wedding.

Luke Going - YES Leeanne.. you should be crying because it was a beautiful day with beautiful people. I am thrilled to hear that you felt like you were there with us. That is the true intention of my vision with how I work :) Thank you.

Luke Going - CRAZY beautiful are the perfect words Tahnee :) Thank you xx

Luke Going - Well, thank you kindly Danielle for breaking your ‘no comment’ policy to tell me this. It means everything!! Let me know if you ever do decide to renew those vows.. I am desperately trying to find a way back there too ;)

Luke Going - OLI!! If anyone has been to this city and conquered it, it is you compadre! But I appreciate the gesture.. it means a lot coming from you buddy :)

Danielle Fleming - This is ridiculously !!!!!
I never comment on posts but this is just too good.
Love your work. It makes me so want to go back to New York and renew my vows in Winter.

Tahnee - Oh Luke! I don’t know the right words.. CRAZY beautiful is the best I can do!

Leeanne Davies (Smivvee) - Oh my goodness. I’m crying here. Luke and Rosie, I cannot believe how many incredible photos you got of two of my most favourite people in the whole world. I feel like I spent the day with them, through your lens.
Thank you for your amazing work.
A friend of Nik and James, Smivvee

Fiona - Definitely dreams coming true, that shot of them kissing on the rock is perfection. I love her cute boots and handmade bouquet and all their interactions with people so beautifully captured by you, wonderful job.

Oli - Wow, amigo. You know when you look at a body of work and go “yeah, i bet that bugger knew he was gonna nail this and knock it outta the park before he even started”?. You knocked this outta the park :|

Steph & Sam | Melbourne Wedding Photographer

This time last year I shot a wedding in Melbourne which absolutely blew my mind. Albeit a tiny wedding, it was one that touched me. It is only by strange coincidence that I found myself back in this vibrant city almost a year later to photograph another wedding which did exactly the same thing.

Blew my mind… Yet for completely different reasons.

I think it is easy to attribute it to the fact that I find shooting stylish sophisticated couples in urban landscapes extremely stimulating.. but of course there is always so much more to it. So much beyond the grasp of the written word. That indecipherable feeling that renders the mind futile.

This feeling that escapes explanation, is the spell that enchants all lovers. The music, that like a radio frequency, can only be heard by two hearts tuned in to the same station. And if I am really lucky, I can pick up on that frequency, and I am then swept into the unusual sway, the unique rhythm of the couple before me.

Steph & Sam gave me privileged access into their private dance, and this is what it looked like.

Little Dragon – “Ritual Union”

Luke Going Photography
Luke Going Photography
Luke Going Photography
Feather Finish

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Luke Going - Hi Hannah,
Thanks so much for your comment. I believe the people who made Steph’s dress were called The Bridal Atlier. Well worth checking out :)

Hannah - These are such stunning photos! Do you know where the wedding dress came from?
Thanks for sharing such a beautiful wedding!

Fiona - Such lovely images Luke :) Your ability to capture people’s happiness radiates through your images and it’s hard not to feel like I was there myself :) I especially love the reflection shots and the pretty light seeping through the green leaves and illuminating her gorgeous dress!

Lecinda - holy moly, what a beautiful wedding to have photographed! Stunning photography, as always =)

Nikki & Thomas | Cockatoo Island Engagement Session

Take one trendy couple, smitten, newly engaged. One ferry ride on a boat called ‘Friendship’ to an island of cockatoos* that was once inhabited by convicts, and you get one hell of a day.

This is engagement shooting at its best.

*no cockatoo’s were present for the making of this shoot. Only seagulls. Millions of them.

Cotton Jones – ‘Don’t Got a Lotta Time

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Jess & Sam | Maleny Manor

It’s been too long since I have blogged, so I thought I would break that drought with my most recent wedding. The wedding of the ever exuberant Jess and Sam.

Having won a competition to have their wedding at the exclusive Maleny Manor, was a a pretty good start to Jess and Sam’s marriage. A good omen some might say? I don’t think it could have gone to a more deserving couple though. The energy that radiates from these two is electrifying.

Jess being the calmer of the two, Sam’s unbridled excitement on his wedding day was palpable. I wish I had videoed the ceremony alone just to illustrate Sam literally jumping out of his tailored suit with exhilaration. This was such a beautiful sight to see, as a photographer, but also as the romantic fella that I am. Sam is infatuated with Jess, and Jess with Sam. But to see a man display his affection so ardently, is a rare and beautiful thing. It is something that I feel myself, the longing to revere and glorify the magnificence of the woman I love. It is hard to describe what I mean by this, but I think ALL woman should have their innate beauty revealed to them by the man (or woman) that love them so. To be worshipped for the feminine grace (and wisdom) that all woman bestow.

But anyway, enough poetry, I’ll let Sam show you how it’s done.

{also a big shout out to Keith Hamlyn for doing an awesome job as my wing man}

M. Ward – “The Colour of Water”

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Marianne & John | Melbourne

As you might have seen recently, a photo of mine has graced the front cover of the Australian bridal magazine White. This is quite a big deal for me. A milestone reached in a relatively short career. I had submitted photos for their cover before, but considering it is a very particular image that has to be the face of the magazine, I never made the cut. Until that is, Marianne and John serendipitously came into my life.

When Marianne first contacted me, she mentioned that I was the only photographer she had looked at. This flattering remark is what I dream of hearing from all my clients. Love at first sight and all that. But when she began to describe the details of her intimate Melbourne wedding I knew I had to shoot this wedding. What ever it took.

The thing that makes Marianne and John stand out from the crowd, is their unique sense of style. John’s suave European cut and Marianne’s old Hollywood glamour, make them the photographer’s dream couple. In fact, many people have asked me whether these two are models doing a ‘styled’ shoot. It is hard to convince people otherwise. Marianne is extremely comfortable in front of the camera, and for good reason. Her hubby has the lucky job of taking snaps of her for her blog Esme and the Laneway, a vintage inspired meditation on the things Marianne loves most, Fashion (vintage), beauty, make-up, books and good living. If you like what you see here make sure you check her out HERE.

White Magazine snapped these photos up as soon as they saw them, and made us promise that we would keep them secret until the magazine was released. Well, no more hiding this beautiful wedding. It is all yours to devour!

Metronomy – ‘The Look

Luke Going Photography
Luke Going Photography
Luke Going Photography
Feather Finish

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