Winter Promotion

It's Winter again and things start to slow down in wedding land. So this is when I like to take the opportunity to do some promotional deals to entice people out from behind the heater and out into the sunshine for some photos!

The deal is this...

20% off ALL photoshoots

Until the 1st of September!

This includes WEDDINGS, family portraits, couple portrait, engagement shoots, and anything where you're in front of my camera and I'm behind it.

So if you or someone you know might be interested 


 Australian Wedding Photographer

Soph + Ant's Shotgun Wedding

It was the wedding anniversary on the weekend of two of the greatest peeps the world has seen, Soph and Ant. So naturally I thought I'd share their 'anti-wedding' with the world so you may also bask in their gloriousness.

When I'm invited to a friend's wedding it is very hard for me to not offer my services as a gift to the lovely couple. Not because I'm being generous or anything, but for purely selfish reasons. No other guest at the wedding gets to spend as much time as I do with the couple, and I see that as a HUGE privilege (and something I can rub in the face of others). 

Soph and Ant didn't want to do the whole 'wedding' thing and refused to abide by the usual norms and traditions set by society. So, they pretty much did it their way in which ever way they felt - which involved a pineapple 'wedding' dress, matching blundstone boots, stubbies, bring-a-plate catering, home-brewed beer on tap and a pretty chilled party vibe. But it paid off, as I've never seen a couple more relaxed and elated on their wedding day than these guys were.

I love you two! Happy One Year xx

Anita & Rex

One of the greatest things about being a wedding photographer is the privilege I am granted  being invited into a family's most sacred realm to capture moments that will most likely out live the people in them. This is a trust that is hard to earn, yet it is handed over to me wholeheartedly. That trust is fortified when I get invited back into that sacred realm once again, to photograph another wedding of the same family, a family that has now accepted me as one of their own. A family that I would be proud to be a part of (still waiting on the adoption papers). That family is the Lee family. And this is just another chapter of their beautiful story.

This chapter belongs to Anita and Rex. I had the honour of photographing Anita's sister Nikki's wedding to Thomas a few years back and forged a beautiful connection, not only to Nikki and Thomas who I now call good friends, but to the whole family. Being back amongst their kin was an emotional experience for me. Sometimes the sentiment of having such an important role to play in the story of the couple I'm shooting, overwhelms me, and here the sentimental was for the entire family.

Anita and Rex have something pretty special and they know it. It is evident in just how much they make each other laugh. It is always a joy to see such a strong synergy between a couple, but this time I felt something different. Like a familial reassurance, I felt comforted in knowing that Anita had found herself a good man. Almost like how a brother might feel when his sister is getting married. What ever that feeling was, I can't wait to feel it all over again when Alex, the lucky last member of the Lee family to get married, finally pops the question to his Renata. 

I just hope he doesn't leave us waiting too long.

Jelena & Hamish

It's Valentine's day today. A day when we typically get subjected to a lot of overly sentimental marketing tropes trying to describe that indescribable emotion we know as LOVE. A feeling that is indescribable but when we see it, and when we feel it, it is unmistakable.

I see it A LOT. It's part of my job. To see love. But every once in a while I'll see a love that shines like no other and shakes my romantic soul to the core. A love that belongs in another world and another time. This is the enigma poets have fawned over for eons. This is the final chapter at the end of an enthralling book. This is describing the indescribable.

This is Jelena and Hamish...

Hayley & Marc


When Hayley and Marc decided to get married, little did they realise just how epic their wedding was going to be. Weddings can get out of hand sometimes, but these guys had just the right mixture of the personal, the pretty and the profound. 

Take it away guys...

The Alexander's

When Ben called to say he wanted to book a family portrait session as a surprise Mother's Day gift to his new wife Jess (who was about to celebrate her first Mother's Day), I was in. Jess of course was surprised and thrilled to be able to go back to the place they were married, Yandina Station, to wander the farm all over again. This time with little Maeve in tow...