"Any photographer worth his salt is a kind of thief, for no matter what angle you consider it from, all photographs are a kind of theft. You must shoot without thinking, because the unforeseen will never present itself again." 
Pierre Assouline [Henri Cartier-Bresson: A Biography]

These unforeseen moments exist all around us, on every street corner, even in our very own lounge room. It is not until we immortalise these moments on film, that we enlighten ourselves to their emblematic significance, to the power of nostalgia and memory, and to the collective need we all have, to chronicle our lives to give them some kind of significance. To say "I've been there, that was me in that moment in time." 
This collection of stolen moments is a reminder of why I love photography so much. A reminder of the obsession I have with candid portraiture. Of the obsession I have with the masters of this medium who inspired me to create my own take on street photography. And of course, my obsession with the protagonists in these images, who triggered off my instinctive impulse to "shoot without thinking", as their unique character sprung forth to remind me that never again will these people be before me in this situation, ever in my life. So record it dammit… Click.