2015: A Retrospective

Looking back over a year's worth of weddings can be a daunting task. 38 weddings in total, around 600 photos per wedding. That is A LOT of images to go through to try and pick out a selection for this review. It was a difficult challenge but one of the most rewarding for the year. 

Being able to reflect on the events that I have been a part of over the course of the year gave me a great perspective and an enormous appreciation for the incredible job that I have. A wedding photographer has one of the most privileged positions of the day. We are granted the privilege to bear witness to every layer of the emotional spectrum that presents itself on a wedding day. And I can't think of any other event that we humans particiapate in, that evokes such a spectacular array of emotions than a wedding. Especially when the wedding is your own.

I just want to wholeheartedly thank each and every couple who've granted me the privilege of witnessing and documenting such an intimate and personal part of their lives. I know it isn't an easy task finding and deciding on your photographer. There are just SO many incredibly talented lens-folk out there, artists and visionaries of all kinds. To pluck me out of that great kaleidoscope of talent, is a very humbling and gratifying feeling. Thank you for trusting in my ability to capture what I feel, not what I see. For opening yourselves up to me so I didn't just feel like a fly on the wall. Each and every couple has made me a better person for that experience, and I'll be forever grateful. 

This retrospective is for you and all the incredible couples and experiences I am yet to meet in 2016.