Bekky & Raoul

I've been invited to more weddings than I could possibly remember, but it is rare that I get invited into the hearts and home of an entire family. It only took two days of hanging out with these guys for me to feel like one of the clan. And that is an indescribable feeling for a stranger to be accepted like that. I can say for certain that it was an experience that will stay with me forever, and I can hardly wait till I'm back in Newcastle for a reunion. 

Set at the historical family homestead, Stanley Park, Newcastle, this lavish yet intimate wedding was the creation of two individuals who knew exactly what they wanted for their wedding day.

Family, Feasting, Faith and Frivolities. And of course all of the other amazing things that don't begin with the letter F - romance, elegance, Johanna Johnson, hand made boots and high tea. You can't go wrong really!