Anita & Rex

One of the greatest things about being a wedding photographer is the privilege I am granted  being invited into a family's most sacred realm to capture moments that will most likely out live the people in them. This is a trust that is hard to earn, yet it is handed over to me wholeheartedly. That trust is fortified when I get invited back into that sacred realm once again, to photograph another wedding of the same family, a family that has now accepted me as one of their own. A family that I would be proud to be a part of (still waiting on the adoption papers). That family is the Lee family. And this is just another chapter of their beautiful story.

This chapter belongs to Anita and Rex. I had the honour of photographing Anita's sister Nikki's wedding to Thomas a few years back and forged a beautiful connection, not only to Nikki and Thomas who I now call good friends, but to the whole family. Being back amongst their kin was an emotional experience for me. Sometimes the sentiment of having such an important role to play in the story of the couple I'm shooting, overwhelms me, and here the sentimental was for the entire family.

Anita and Rex have something pretty special and they know it. It is evident in just how much they make each other laugh. It is always a joy to see such a strong synergy between a couple, but this time I felt something different. Like a familial reassurance, I felt comforted in knowing that Anita had found herself a good man. Almost like how a brother might feel when his sister is getting married. What ever that feeling was, I can't wait to feel it all over again when Alex, the lucky last member of the Lee family to get married, finally pops the question to his Renata. 

I just hope he doesn't leave us waiting too long.