Jelena & Hamish

It's Valentine's day today. A day when we typically get subjected to a lot of overly sentimental marketing tropes trying to describe that indescribable emotion we know as LOVE. A feeling that is indescribable but when we see it, and when we feel it, it is unmistakable.

I see it A LOT. It's part of my job. To see love. But every once in a while I'll see a love that shines like no other and shakes my romantic soul to the core. A love that belongs in another world and another time. This is the enigma poets have fawned over for eons. This is the final chapter at the end of an enthralling book. This is describing the indescribable.

This is Jelena and Hamish...

Hayley & Marc


When Hayley and Marc decided to get married, little did they realise just how epic their wedding was going to be. Weddings can get out of hand sometimes, but these guys had just the right mixture of the personal, the pretty and the profound. 

Take it away guys...

Lucy + Dave

I don't think it was a hard decision for Lucy and Dave to decide to have their wedding on the property that Dave's family have grown up on for generations (including Dave). Not only was their decision influenced by the sentimental and historical significance of the property, but I think maybe the 180 degree view of the Gold Coast coast line might have played its part too? This spectacular property set the stage for what was to become a night that had it all - portable bar, boxing ring dance floor, 40 foot long banquet table, fireworks and of course a guest list that was ready to party.. hard! 

Bekky & Raoul

I've been invited to more weddings than I could possibly remember, but it is rare that I get invited into the hearts and home of an entire family. It only took two days of hanging out with these guys for me to feel like one of the clan. And that is an indescribable feeling for a stranger to be accepted like that. I can say for certain that it was an experience that will stay with me forever, and I can hardly wait till I'm back in Newcastle for a reunion. 

Set at the historical family homestead, Stanley Park, Newcastle, this lavish yet intimate wedding was the creation of two individuals who knew exactly what they wanted for their wedding day.

Family, Feasting, Faith and Frivolities. And of course all of the other amazing things that don't begin with the letter F - romance, elegance, Johanna Johnson, hand made boots and high tea. You can't go wrong really!