Soph + Ant's Shotgun Wedding

It was the wedding anniversary on the weekend of two of the greatest peeps the world has seen, Soph and Ant. So naturally I thought I'd share their 'anti-wedding' with the world so you may also bask in their gloriousness.

When I'm invited to a friend's wedding it is very hard for me to not offer my services as a gift to the lovely couple. Not because I'm being generous or anything, but for purely selfish reasons. No other guest at the wedding gets to spend as much time as I do with the couple, and I see that as a HUGE privilege (and something I can rub in the face of others). 

Soph and Ant didn't want to do the whole 'wedding' thing and refused to abide by the usual norms and traditions set by society. So, they pretty much did it their way in which ever way they felt - which involved a pineapple 'wedding' dress, matching blundstone boots, stubbies, bring-a-plate catering, home-brewed beer on tap and a pretty chilled party vibe. But it paid off, as I've never seen a couple more relaxed and elated on their wedding day than these guys were.

I love you two! Happy One Year xx