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Here is a short, but growing list of some outstanding people in the wedding industry who I have worked with or I just plainly admire. This is a reference to help you with the colossal task of selecting the cream of the crop. 




As a photographer I am heavily influenced by film/movies, so finding a wedding videographer that breaks the 'wedding film' mould and creates something different, is difficult. But I have, and this is who I have found. These guys below smash that mould by turning your wedding video into cinema. A work of art that would no doubt qualify for the Tropfest awards. 

Wouldn't you love someone to make a film about the best day of your life?





la lune cinema




Celebrants play a vital role on your wedding day. Make sure you find someone who speaks your language so they can interpret all those intricate you-isms that make up your ceremonial discourse.


paul voge

Erin Woodhall





Getting the right music to set the vibe of your day and especially your night is crucial. I can't recommend anything more than investing in a professional band or DJ. Relying on the iPod mix is very hit and miss, and usually leads to that drunk amateur DJ taking control and flooding the dance floor with trance pop.. but if you're into that, than by all means go for it. To be honest that's what we did for our wedding, but I spent at least a few months perfecting that playlist, and who's got time for that!? In my time photographing weddings, I can guarantee that nothing gets a dance floor pumping more than a live band or a kick ass DJ, and trust me, that'll transform your wedding into the party of the year! Check these guys out..



the vintage stylus

The white tree

Sarah Archer


photo booth


Having a Photo Booth at your wedding reception takes the party to the next level! It's hard to predict the vibes of your night. You can have all the right elements in place, but if people don't want to leave their seats, it is hard to inspire them to. But you can pretty much guarantee a photo booth will get them up and mingling. And this is a huge visual asset for me, as it gives me a chance to photograph your gorgeous guests up having fun and not sitting around the table on their phone. Here are some booths that know how to get your party started.


the photo booth collective

heartbreak hotel




A Stylist is also known as a wedding coordinator or planner. I couldn't emphasise more the importance of their role. The one thing I see often when people decide to have a DIY wedding, is the bride and groom being absolutely exhausted on their wedding day because they have been carrying the load right up to the moment they say 'I do'. Well, why not let somebody else bare that responsibility? A small investment that you will be grateful for on the day.


Hampton event hire

Short & spook

lovebird weddings



To flower or not to flower that is the question. I have shot a few weddings where the bride didn't have a bouquet. And it was kinda cool. Considering that the original purpose of a bouquet was to disguise the bad smell of common folk who only had baths once a year, I think it is not always a given these days. Mind you though, bouquets are awfully pretty, especially when they are unique and bespoke to your tastes. Here are some florists who know how to find everything you need and more in the floral department.


twig & grace

little wren

willow bud




Have you made your 'save the date' cards yet? Or invites? Then check out these creative souls who will make that invite impossible to turn down.


leelou designs




For unconventional and extremely delectable cakes, check out the creative genius of Nikki Lee aka Unbirthday Bakery.




more to come soon...